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Nashville, TN Veterinary Jobs

Amazing job opportunities at City Pets Animal Care await you.

What makes us different

Our Why

Why do we do things differently? Because we know what it’s like to love a pet as your family member. Because we are leaders in the veterinary field, and we are excited to grow, adapt and evolve with the world. Because our employees are truly terrific, they love their jobs and they enjoy making people and their pets feel safe, understood, and happy. Because we, too, want to work and grow in a positive environment where we can laugh with our clients about silly stories or cry with our clients when they lose a beloved pet. Because we understand that time is money, and convenience is valuable to our clients. Because we want to be environmentally conscious, socially responsible, economically and creatively free in an industry that is controlled by large corporate practices. Because we truly want to make a difference in our community and the lives we impact every day.

Open Roles

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