Our Open Door Policy

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Our Open door policy

City Pets is the only veterinary care facility in Nashville with an open-door policy. This means that you can be with your pet for every diagnostic test, exam, procedure, and treatment. We encourage pet parents to be with their pets, as many pets are calmer when their parents are present. We also support pet parents who want to watch us perform surgery and dental cleanings. If your pet is less stressed without you (as is sometimes the case, especially when pets are protective of their parents), or if you would rather not be directly involved for any reason, know that your pet is in good hands!

While we are happy to have you be with your pet during your entire visit, there may be times when we cannot have you directly holding your pet such as during x-rays (due to the Tennessee Department of Health’s Radiation Safety Laws) and surgery. In addition, we ask that all pet parents be understanding and respectful of our other patients and the confidentiality laws that we must follow.