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Pet Health Savings Account

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Pet Health Savings Account

Are you looking for an affordable way to prepare for your pet’s annual preventative care? City Pets offers Pet Health Savings Accounts for both cats and dogs.

Pet Health Savings Account (PHSA) is a convenient way to plan ahead and budget for future vet care. These plans are not insurance, but rather a way to easily budget your pet’s preventative care. Our Pet Health Savings Account functions just like your own HSA: You contribute a recommended amount monthly based on your pet’s annual health needs which is autodrafted from your credit or debit card every month. This money is then available for your pet’s healthcare at any time when they are due for preventative care such as vaccines, deworming, heartworm prevention, etc. Your Pet Health Savings Account may also be used for emergencies and unforeseen illnesses such as ear infections, allergic reactions, toxic ingestions, broken limbs and emergency surgeries. We do not limit what you can use your plan for! It’s your money, you should be able to use it for anything your pet needs! There is no enrollment fee, and contributions are drafted on the 1st of the month. For pets enrolled in our Health Savings Account program, there is no office visit fee after your first contribution which is a savings of $62 every time your pet is seen by a veterinarian. The office visit fee is waived as long as your pet is active on monthly health savings contributions. Please see below for examples of what your puppy or kitten’s health care needs will be during their first year.

Be sure to contact us today with any questions concerning our PHSA!

The Fine Print: Health Savings Account credits can only be used toward the pet they belong to. Contributions can be used for any services or products at City Pets Animal Care, and are refundable in the event that your pet passes away or you move greater than 20 miles from our location. We calculate the monthly recommended contribution by estimating what your pet needs for the next year, and this is an annual agreement that can be increased or decreased as your pet’s specific needs change. All invoices must be paid in full at time of service; we will first draw from your pet’s health savings account to cover your bill, but anything over what you have available in the account is due at time of service. Minimum monthly contribution: $75. If you choose to cancel your PHSA before the 12 month agreement is fulfilled, you will owe back all of the office visit charges that were waived during that period.